Airbox drain

My airbox drain has a plastic crimped tube attached to it. My question is should I take it off ? I Never had one on my 2 strokes, I thought you kept the drain open to drain, Did the dealer forget it on his prep ?

I cut a slot in mine.

I second the comment from Blue_Beast_Wins. I cut a 1/4 slot in the bottom of the clear tube so the water will drain. There was a thread a while back (6-8-10 months ago..) that discussed using a drain valve off a XR650 (or something like that.) Apparently they fit perfectly and are actual one-way valves.

It is from '96 xr600r. HERE are some pics.

Like I said...a 96 xr600r. :) Thanks Sabin!

Part number and all...Thanks Sabin.

What can I say, TT is getting more and more professional :)

your dealer is not in error. i was told that the plastic tube is suppose to catch filter oil run off.

must be the greenies at work.

but if left in place i think the air box could retain water.

may have to give the WR some pamperin.

It was my understanding that it was to keep water out since this type of bike would possibly be fording deep water in its off-road activities and would definitly be sucking air/water through it. But if water did happen to get in it could be easily removed to drain. Maybe I'm wrong.

I wouldn't cut it or remove it.

Soon as you hit a puddle 2' deep, you'll be suckin water.

I wouldn't cut it or remove it.

Soon as you hit a puddle 2' deep, you'll be suckin water.


What if you just cut the air inlet side off a Whoopie Cushion---of course your bike might not meet the 96 Db restriction anymore!!!

hey dummmy LEAVE IT ALONE....

it is a direct air line into the carb. sand water and dust will love to get in is clear for a reason... the tube acts as a see thru drip leg...if it gets full of anything it will let you see the problem...yea go ahead and cut it... then post a threead about how it runs lean and the piston is scored.


Some guys have replaced them with a one way valve units that allows water out but not in. Honda has a standard part number they use on one of their off-road models. Get one of those but do not just remove the stock unit from the bike and leave a hole to suck water in from.

I did some research and the XR650 has this one way drain valve. The Honda Part number is # 17358-HA0-680 for the valve and #17316-MN1-670 for the compression clip. I do not know what diameter it is. I may need a sleeve to fit on the WR's.

Your information source is an idiot....and looking at the first several posts it is quite evident that someone has been giving out free frontal labotomy's.

The plug is simply to keep you from drowning the bike during deep water fording. You are supposed to remove it when washing the bike. Folks that did not remove the snorkel as part of the modification process rarely get water in the AB when washing because of the raided lid.

Oil and Greenies didn't have anything to do with this....Like I said in another post the YZ comes with a turn down tube on the AB because you normally would not find a deep stream crossing on an MX track....

Bonzai :)

hey yamakaze its the wr forum.a lot of these riders do woods, hare scrambles,enduro and general riding...and crossing streams and mud bogs can be part of it...why the hell would anyone want to ride a wr at a MX track? If that is your intention then you should own a yz... it doesn't have all the extra weight that the wr has...lights wiring ,battery,starter,sidestand,and plush suspension... hell if i wanted that at the track i would ride a dr 350 or a xr200r on the track :):D

I just cut a slit across the bottom of the tube. It doesn't drain on its own, but after washing, just push up on the end of the tube to drain it.

Yo Dipstick.....What are you a first week TTer or what? Anyone who has been around here for atleast a month knows I have both a WR and a YZ....

If you cut the "Removable plug" to the airbox that was designed to save your bike from deep water crossings....Then you are just a dumb ass....

Nuff said...

Bonzai :)

I just pull it of and drain it after a water crossing or after washing the bike. If you cut it your going to suck water.

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