Airbox drain

We have a trail down here with eighteen river crossings, not puddles, deep flowing river crossings full of rocks, goes for about 25 k's, i have slotted my drain so my airbox doesnt hold all the water that comes in the top, even if you took it off how many liters per hour do you think is going to get through that hole ??

Do any of you have the part number for this? I do alot of mud trails on my YZ and this sounds like a good think.

Yamakaze, I agree with your thoughts on the slots. With the airfilter access through the side cover how much difference would it make? It is going to get water in the airbox. I want mine to drain water not hold it. I guess I am stupid so I will shut up. ---Mike

This is definately not one of the smartest moves that Yamaha has made in this years improvements. You would have thought they would have learned from some of the DRZ problems associated with the side access filter arrangement.

This configuration even with a seal around the side door is not a good one.

Several AA riders I travel with have already had problems with water injestion (Air filters don't stop water). many of them are looking for replacement airboxes....and I have been told that some aftermarket company's are looking to providing a replacement.

My point is that to defeat a device specifically designed to protect your engine (Pre-03 models) from certain damage is just plain stupid......

Bonzai :)

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