wr 450 help

A friend just got a 2004 wr 450 basically given to him(ex brother-in-law divorce etc) the bike has 330 miles on it. I helped him pick it up and its in my garage. He not very mechanically inclined so Iam sure its gonna be me getting it running. This bike has not been run in 3 years. gas smells like varnish, batterys got to be ruined. How should I clean the tank and carb. soak them in gas or acetone? anything else I should look for. He also would like to dual sport it any good companies that have a reasonably priced kit. hes on a tight budget. thanks for any help, tom

Take the tank off and wash it out several times with fresh fuel to clean it out. The carbie will be full of gunk too and will need the bowel taken off and cleaned. Buy a new battery, put some air in the tyres, oil the chain and away you go!

try dirt2street.com or bajadesigns or google dual sport kit, they have them on amazon too. Good luck that bike rips.

Do your buddy a favor and strip the rear suspension down too. If he's not mechanically inclined, I bet it will never see grease after it leaves your garage.

I bought a varnished up XR600. I had good luck soaking the carb & tank petcock in a gallon of Gunk carb cleaner. I'm not talking spray can carb cleaner, but the 1 gallon can of parts cleaner stuff. It's pretty aggressive so I completely disassembled the carb so no seals or plastic stuff would get eaten. The main jet, pilot, emulsion tube, air jet, leak jet, all that stuff was totally clogged in my carb. After cleaning it fired right up :lol:

carb cleaner

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