06 Yz450 Stopper Lever Assembly?

Found Tiny Tiny Bearings Stuck To My Magnetic Drain Plug. A Couple People Have Told Me It's My Stopper Lever Assembly. Any Ideas And If So How Hard To Change? Splitting The Cases?

Item 6 below. It's behind the clutch under the right crankcase cover. You will need to disassemble the shifting ratchet assembly in order to access it. Try to account for as many of the 9 balls as you can. You may want to go as far as to remove the ignition cover so you can see the pickup screen in behind the crank and sweep it with a magnet.

Replace it with a 2S2-18140-10-00 for an '07.


Hey thanks...Do I have to split the cases or can I access from Crank Side?

I thought the crank was on both sides.

No need to split the cases. Remove the right side case cover and the clutch assembly, shift shaft, and ratchet assembly. The ratchet assembly has two small plungers and springs in it that are easy to loose control of. Don't let them escape.

That was my meaning Clutch / Crank Case. I appreciate the help though I did find 7 or 8 of those things along with 2 ribbed rings that look like they hold the bearings in place.

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