Valve Adjustment Q's 08 YZ450

The manual says the valve clearances must be within 0.10-0.15", but my valve tappet gauges and feeler gauges all measure in 0.010" and so forth. Is it a typo in the Yamaha manual or something?

Nope, it's metric. .10-.15mm for the intake and .20-.25 for the exhaust. In English units that's .004-.006" on the intakes and .008- .010" on the exhaust.

Better pay more attention to detail. That info is in the book.

I waited to check them, I was tired and I misunderstood the gauges. I had one set from a auto parts store and they didn't have only larger sizes. I went to the bike shop and bought the right gauges.001-1.00. Measured the valves in a few minutes, the Yamaha manual tells you how to do it.It took me about :lol: 1 hour to do it all. Not bad for a first timer! Thanks Greyracer for the answer though.

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