Motorcycle Tires

What's a good deal?

I picked up two tires delivered for $119.

Pretty good deal.

Dude, I don't know what brand and tire you got, but the below website via Yahoo to me is much better in prices. They have my tire MSRP $73.00 bucks for $46.00. :p

I picked up a 606 and a Metzeler Karoo for $59.95 each. I saw some 756 for 49.95 and 52.95 if I remember right. I'll check out your web site too. The cheaper the better. :)


Ok I checked out your tire web site and a 606 sells for $69.30 + $9 shipping. The 80/100x21 756 sells for $65.40 + shipping. I got the 606 for $59.95 to my door today. If you can find a good deal on Michelin Baja 140/80x18 let me know. Or even Michelim S-12 140/80x18. Thats my tire of choice. For around $50 each I'll buy the Dunlop 756 next time. Sometimes I hit a sale at Cycle gear and I get Michelins for $49.95 then I buy a stack to last 6 months or so.

Im with you there Mike! My neighbor gets the racer discount at cycle gear and buys in bulk. When he goes again I am buying two S-12 rears and 1 hard terrain tire...M602 or MT-18. 49.00 each and Ill have em hanging on the wall. What shoes should I wear today...? :)

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