WR450 Trail Tech Speedo

Should get my new scoot Thursday. Does anyone have experience with the Trail Tech Computer for the WR450? Are they durable? Do they work well?

i put mine on last week.i don't know how well they work cause i was in 4th gear wide open and it said i was doing 35. i think that was due to the cold.i'm not sure though. they sell an alluminum guard that go's over it to help protect it.i put it on my bike and when i went to unhook it from it's mount the little latch that locks it in place broke right off. i didn't use any force it just snapped.

I had one for a while last year. I think I got the speed accurate, but I always forgot how to do stuff on it. I kept the directions in my gear bag (not much help). I didn't like that I couldn't reset the mileage easily on the fly.

The concept is good, but it didn't work for me.

The final straw was when the display started displaying it's home language---Taiwanese.

I won't bother with another one. Am saving up for an ICO Checkmate. The real deal :)

The used the Trail Tech for about six months. It worked pretty good, but had to be reset every once and awhile. I bought the aluminum mount and it looked great. For a speedo/odo it was O.K. but for Enduros I got the ICO,

There is a resetable ridetime/milage/maximum speed/average speed. Just press and hold down the center and lh button at the same time for a few seconds. It resets all of the above. But it will leave the odometer reading alone.

There are 2 milage readings. Total milage. and milage since last reset.

I bought one of the 1st ones. It had a few problems. I upgraded it for $25 thru trailtech. The new one works better.

It is sluggish in the cold. But its a led display, thats to be expected. Ive had mine freek out in extremely wet conditions. But once it dries out it is back to normal. Ive had mine all summer and so far its still working.

I also have the aluminum mount. That mount is really trick looking. I would imagine that it would provide great protection in a crash.

P.S. you probably already know this but if you dont program the correct wheel circumference in cm then you wont get the right speed reading. Trailtech has info on there website on how to do this and recomended settings to put in.

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