98 yzf 400

98 yzf400,bike is hard to start you half to prime with a little fuel then pull choke hold compression release kick 5 times let go of release then kick from TDC when it does fire its dumping oil into header ,i bought this bike a week ago it sat for 2 years so carb had got sticky inside cleaned it out and put new spark plug in it but it just wont stay running any ideas thanks

A hard starting YZF is a sign of two things

1. Dirty Carb - Make sure you are cleaning jets with cleaner and air compressor.

2. Tight valve clearance. Check and reshim if necessary

Oil dumping into the head is another issue

Sounds like you need a new piston and rings.

Get a compression tester and see where your compression is at.

How do we know it's "dumping oil into the header"?

lack of compression on any, any motor cycle or not can lead to hard starting and oil in exaust.

if your compression is due to bad piston and/or rings

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