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What do you wear under MX pants?

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As a trackday junkie (NESBA CR), I found that wearing full length running tights helped prevent my butt from chafing and eased getting my leathers on/off. So I'm wondering what you guys wear under your MX pants. I was thinking a set of EVS padded riding shorts would offer some hip protection, while eliminating the perma-wedgy i get from riding in boxers. Thoughts?

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There's a member of our riding group who was complaining of monkeybutt. He was sort of a complainer anyway, and someone jokingly told him tp put on a maxipad.

Weeks later, during some riding trip, everyone was getting ready to go and he was holding up the group. Further prodding revealed that he was actually applying a maxipad. Right around this timeframe was a commercial on tv with some guy riding a pink fourwheeler and his friends called him Sally. So now this guy's nickname is Sally also. Actually, I was introduced to him as Sally, and that's the only way I knew him until someone finally revealed his real name (which I'm withholding to protect the guilty).

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