Lets go Riding N* Calif

Looking for a good place to ride this week end 2/15. I would like to ride Stonyford or Carson City if it's not too cold.


Ohhh it will be cold in Carson City. It was last Saturday. Brrrrrrrrr. Bust out with the eskimo gear bud. Dress in layers. You will thank me later.


Sissy. I guess you weren't working hard enough! Just kidding. My son's birthday is sunday, so I'm not riding then, maybe monday. I think Paul and some guys from disrict 37 are going to Stonyford late march. I'm open for a two day ride or possibly three after this weekend. Keep me posted. Mike I'm getting back up to speed, so you won't have to wait for me! I'm shooting for Stonyford in march also. :)

Sissy? Hey now.... I didn't say I wouldn't go if its not too cold. I believe moredesert did. :)

All I said is it is cold! A little cold wouldn't prevent me from riding that beautiful desert of yours. I will definately come up that way again. See you in March Keith !


I have a very dense layer of fat to insulate me! It was warmer the next day. It's alot warmer this week, it's actually been raining. I'm ready to ride a for couple days next weekend. Any takers? :)

I'm going monday, to give tribute to all the Presidents. Wanna come?

It looks like we are heading up 3/1 to Carson City. See the DRZ400 page.

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