is there a big difference between 02wr426 03wr450

is there a big difference between 02wr426 03wr450


It's got that wussy e-start :D, some guys cannot seem to kick start bikes anymore :D. I understand the convenience, but man people have become fixated on it. Seems to me there is an unusual difference between those that "need" e-start, and those that can do without.

Flame away, not going to hurt my feelings.


Dodger :D:)

ok ok ....i'll go first. you really want one but the wife says noooooooooooooooo. :)

Some how think you know the difference between the bikes. If not you can go to the Yamaha website and compare the specs. Man Dodger thats one bad case of 450 envy!

No flame suit needed.These bikes kick over real easy.The e-start isn't really needed.I use it to rub it in while everyones kicking away i'll hit the button and watch their faces drop. :)

Hey Dodger, who pissed in your coffee?

So your jelous of the E start, thats understandable.

But what about the more power..... :D,the weight reduction..... :D, stronger chassis..... :D, smother suspension........ :),better bodyworks..... :D. All's your bent about is the E-start????

You got alot more to worrie about than the e-start my friend. :D :D :D :D

I keep seeing "Better this... bla... bla... bla..." for the 450.

I've yet to see anyone comment about the 450 having better reliability. Reliability is a valuable feature when you are 30 miles from camp. I for one am glad I didn't wait! Maybe next year the bugs will be worked out and I'll be convinced enough for a trade-up. Time will tell, but for now, the 426 would be my choice!

Don't mean to pi$$ on you proud WR450 owners parade. Really, I am glad you are out there helping Yamaha work out the problems. Without you guys, they may never get it right.


You don't have to carry extra flywheel keys with the 426 :) but if you can wait for the '04 model I thought I heard it will have cruise control and power brakes in addition to the e-strart :D

Heated leather seats would be nice about now, it's -2f here.


I hope you guys get to ride a properly set up 450. I have two freinds that have 426s and both would love to have the new WR. Save your money because if you happen to buy one this year or next, I think you would like it. I doubt any one who waits for a 04 will ever have a woodruff key break, but I couldn't wait a year. Also don't worry about our parade, we are more than willing to do your R&D.

Well put WR250fla! And with your many years of motorcycle experience, your opinions are very much respected.

For guys like me, non-competative, (also been riding since 1970), reliability comes first. Kind of gives that warm, fuzzy feeling when leaving camp in the morning. The 426 has'nt ever let me down, left me stranded, or caused me any embarressment on the trail. I think I'm good for a while.


some guys cannot seem to kick start bikes anymore

Dodge, That comment makes you sound like an old man set in his ways (I know you're not old). The ole "If you can't start it you should'nt be riding it" saying is really old and tired... Step in to the year 2003 man......... You only say this because you havn't ridden the bike right? Of course you havn't..... It soooo fun, makes riding more fun.. When you come to a trail head to wait for your friends (maybe they wait for you) most of us just leave the bikes running for a minute while everyone catches up cuz you never really want to have to put any effort into starting the bike over and over, well on the WR450 I just shut her down before I even stop because I know that I can be lazy and just push the button....

It's really easy for you WR426 guys to find ways to make your older bikes sound better, they're not!!

I have both and have spent a lot of time on both... The new WR450 is better in every way and it's lighter too. The auto decompression is huge for kick starting and bump starting. The aluminum subframe is really sweet and lighter, the swingarm doesn't have that lame paint job on it, you can access the air filter super easy... The oil lines are now aluminum instead of steel... The power is smooter and more managable for you trail types and can still wheelie like crazy in any gear.. The oil filler isn't up top so oil can't spill oil everywhere (I don't care how patient you are to wait and wait for that oil to get down to the engine we all have overflowed the filler) not anymore. The new tank was long over due and still some of you cry because it smaller by a half a gallon? It's mucho better, the seating position is slim and very flat so you can either sit on the gas cap or sit on the back fender...

The original question was is the bike different....

This is not like the diffenence between an 01 and an 02... This year the bike has been through the biggest change... The difference is HUGE!!!

Reliability? Give me a frickin break...... None of you know yet!!!!!!!!

Those of you who disagree... All I can say is you don't know what you're missing out on... It's a good thing too because if you did you'de be selling you 426's..

NOW you can flame away....... :)


Reliability isn't a feature. Its Inherent.It comes from technology which by the way usually tends to get better and more advanced as the years roll by.

You don't see anyone with a 400 dissing the 426 doya?

Why? Cause things get better.

Not to take anything away from the 400, (I had a new 1998 yz400f) and it still is a great bike.

Fact is R&D teams at manufacturers have one sole purpose in life.


Dodge, That comment makes you sound like an old man set in his ways (I know you're not old). The ole "If you can't start it you shouldn't be riding it" saying is really old and tired.

Dan, my buddy, my friend, did I say "if you cannot start the bike, you shouldn't be riding it"??? I'd hope that you know me a little better than that. I got your point, I get it. All I'm saying, is there was a max exodus from the later models, just for e-start........whoopie!! WR250 at least redeemed himself by stating what the true upgrades are on the new 450d's.......

But what about the more power..... ,the weight reduction..... , stronger chassis..... , smother suspension........ ,better bodyworks..... .

Now that kind of R&D and refinement is important. I'm just sorry for guys that won't set up their bikes to be one kickers. Leaves me to believe that folks have lost sight to what things are truly important on a DIRT bike. I'd happily trade an "e-start" to for a lighter, better performing machine. Maybe Yamaha should have spent a little more time torquing the woodruff key, instead of fitting a happy button.

Whatever, I'm quite satisfied with my heavy blue pig, and when I do jump to the next latest and greatest thing, its going to be for reasons that get me along the trail faster and safer, not more convenient.

I'll tell you this, if I'm jealous of anything, it's got to be that super sexy seat tank combo, now there's one heck of an improvement :D!!!

Peace y'all.......

Dodger :):D

man you old guys have way too much time on your hands if i knew you guys were going to get so technical i would have never asked simple answer would have been fine...

Geez dude, don't get your panties in a bunch :)!

Fine, you want a none technical, easy to understand simple has 425cc's and the other 449cc's.


Dodger :D :D

simple answer would have been fine...

Since you asked such an open ended question you don't have any room to complain bud.

is there a big difference between 02wr426 03wr450?

Yes there is. You are welcome.

I'm w/ Dodger. I'd love to have a WR 450, but I can guarantee you the first thing I'd be looking to do is ditch the battery and e-start (okay, that would be second after uncorking/unstopping/uncovering/unwiring/de-lighting).

What was that other saying Dan? E-starts are for dual sports?

Oops. I forgot. Your WR is a dual sport. :)

Why does it seem like every thread on this board ends up in some sort of pissing match?

If I could get a YZ450 with a five speed instead of the E start and dorky rear fender I would.Maybe the 04 YZ will be a five speed.We may also see a 450CRFX in 04 also.So many bikes so little money.

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