is there a big difference between 02wr426 03wr450

I will happily and proudly diss a 426 and the new 450. Sure it is better...if not, Yamaha is an idoit. I will diss the others because as a second dirt bike, my 2000 WR400 which was bought 2 weeks ago basically new was 3500 bucks cheaper than a 450. I do not think that the 450 is THAT much better. Maybe if I rode everyday or if it was my only bike, but no the 450 or the 426 for that matter is not a huge difference over even the 400. FYI...I am wearing my fireproof suit.

Why does it seem like every thread on this board ends up in some sort of pissing match?

I think my buddies Hick and Dodge were just having a little fun with us ... I like it!!! I think the secret of being a long term member of TT is to take some things with a grain of salt, and if someone's having some fun while giving there opinion then that even better....

Check this photo out.....

Look at the lame seat/tank on my 01-426, then look at the 03's seat/tank. This is only one little change out of numerous changes made to the new bike. Turning the 03 isn't such a struggle.... Go ahead flame away.. maybe you guys are right... I should just sell the 03 and ride the 01 till it dies...... :)

Dan :D

Sorry Sticky I'm just giving Dan a hard time. I'm (not so) secretely jealous of his new scoot (and I suspect I'd be jealous of his riding abilities also). Dan races some BITD events but bought a dual sport kit for his new bike anyway and I was just poking fun.

As for the original poster, I don't think it is good manners to start a thread and then complain about the direction it takes. I don't get that (I'm not sure which pissing match you are referring to Sticky so I'm covering all the bases). :)

I'm a huge Yamaha fan, so I reserve the right to make WR jokes. I always have, after all it is an easy target what with all the weird stuff it comes delivered with, this year is no different, even more so w/ the button. But if a guy is going to race that bike and get the most out of it he really needs to know about this stuff (throttle stop, jetting, etc.), but of course Dan and most other guys here do (whether they race the WR or not).

Just look at the tank/seat junction on Dan's old 426! Dan how did you race that bike w/ that tank on there?? Oh yeah, I forgot, there isn't any turning in a desert race. :D

That is a very revealing side-by-side picture by the way. Here's a serious question for you though Dan: Is the stock WR 450 tank big enough for the average BITD event??

Yo Dan, now think really hard on this one. Are you POSITIVE you don't want to trade me out your '03 seat/tank :D!! Like Hick said, you don't need to turn that thing in the Desert :)...........

Man that 450 looks sooooo sweet.

Take care bud........

Dodger :D :D

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