Need Info for Florida

Hey Florida riders , I know this isn't bike related , but I am looking for some auto salvage yards in and around the Orlando area. I will be down there for the Daytona Supercross and I would like to look around for some parts for my Chevelle ( '69 ). If any have websites or just phone #'s I would really appreciate it. Thanks --- WR Dave.

I know of 2. They appeared open when I passed by while home for Christmas.

Highway 92 (International Speedway Blvd) 2-5 miles WEST (toward O-town, opposite the beaches) of the speedway. It will be on the SOUTH side of the highway.

Take US-1 NORTH through Ormond Beach toward Bunnell. I think it'll come up 2-5 miles north of I-95, on the SOUTH side of US-1, just before you reach (south of) Bunnell. You may not make it there if you stop at Iron Horse Saloon or any of the other 3 bars past Ormond :D

You'll be there during BIKE WEEK!!!! :D :D :)

First time???

Thanks Keener, Not first time to Florida (I used to drive long haul for a living) but, first time to bike week so it should be alot of fun. Thanks again -- WR Dave.

Don't know names or numbers but there are a few just east of Orlando in Bithlo. If you are in the Daytona area take I-95 south to the S.R. 50 exit and head west. I'm not great at judging mileage but figure it's about 15 miles from 95. I know of two or three yards in that area and you can't miss them. If I can find some names and numbers I'll let you know. :)

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