MC signs with KTM????

Originally posted by YAMAKAZE:

It's only a matter of time before we see MC doing desert races and GNCC's, just like the other MX retirees....

Bonzai :)

Pah! He won't even ride outdoor MX! :D


Also Doug Henry and Dubach resisted the AMA ruling, as in NASCAR its a stupid rule

YES YES, hats off to Guy Cooper 40+ and still hitting it hard :):D

No way--- are you sure

Man that is right out of the politicly correct crowd.......

One champ each race no points just over all.

Thats like handing everyone a freaking ribbon at the end of baseball tournament after the poor kids just played a straight week and kicked butt.

Ohhman were doomed if that is true.

Ya know what thats all about money. The freaking sponsers want there name up in lights so those that can get up on the podum so they started to freaking whine

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This was something a heard about 6 months ago on some website. I cant remember where but it was a reliable source type website.

Im sure whoevers idea it was they were kicked in the groin and tossed into the nearest river with a cement coffin.

If this was a true story then your right, the almighty buck is always behind it.

Originally posted by bman:

I believe we are showing our age if you even know who Brad Lackey is.

Darn I know who he is.

from MXA:


After riding for every Japanese bike manufacturer in the big four (Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha), the winningest rider in Supercross history might be looking for a change of scenery. While talking with Team McGrath manager and MXA wrecking crew member Larry Brooks, he informed us that Jeremy was in the process of testing out the brand new KTM 250 bike. It may seem shocking to many people, but KTM has put forth a ton of effort to launch their 250 team for next season. Signing Grant Langston to the big bike was an excellent move on KTM’s part, not only because Grant shows a lot of promise, but also for the fact that Grant is well accustomed to the KTM team and machinery. The only pitfall in McGrath’s possible plan for joining the Austrian team would be conflicting drink sponsorships. Red Bull is the main backing behind the KTM team, and McGrath had signed a multiple year deal with Bud Light from last season. The only foreseeable possibility would be for McGrath to take on factory KTM backing, but not actually being on the team (which would make sense since McGrath wants his own team anyway).

EGO, you are right. That is a stupid rule. I forgot that the AMA changed this. MC should not carry the #2 plate as I see it. He does not deserve it.......Another example of stupidity in the AMA.....You should wear what you earn & deserve at that level....

I also heard a while back that the AMA was trying to make every win in Motocross a overall championship.

In other words, if you overalled Red Bud then you were the #1 plate holder for that race. Same with each and every other race in the series.

Their idea was that there would be no more overall winner for the series but a individual "champion" for each race. :)

I think this idea may have gotten nixed since I havent heard anything else about it in a while. (thanks goodness)

Someone needs to pull their head out and stop trying to think up new ways to ruin MX.

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