OT: Looking for a newer truck. T100?

I am looking for a new way to transport my scoot, and pull my sleds. My only criteria is that it be of extra cab, and somewhat easy on the gas. I have never owned a truck, but I am a little sold on the Toyota product (so is my girlfriend, and she says this is my choice, but you all know how that works.... :)

Anybody with some experience with a T100 that would like to steer me clear of that rig? What I gather is that it is the precursor to the Tundra, sans all V-8 power that the Tundra has. I can live with downshifting that "every-so-once in a while for somedecent gas milage.

Is there something else that I should consider?


i like dodge and chevy ...BUY AMERICAN...

but i will admit... you can't kill a toyota....they will run til the body rots off..

GMC Sierra HD, couldn't ask for a better truck.

Cant go WRong with a Chev. HD2500, I have the duramax diesel 300hp 520lbs torque mated to a true 5 speed Allison tranny. Tows my boat & travel trailer with no problem. American made 21 miles per gallon

i thin khe wants to spend little less money than a new tyruck would cost. like they said toyotas are great. i have a 2002 tacoma and it is great. i have driven all the new trucks and the tundra was the best handling of all the full size. as for the t 100, i was going to get one but decided on buying new. they are a little under powered but the TRD super charger from toyota was made for tht motor(same motor in my truck). with it on it makes more power than the tundra v8. a 4x4 t 100 will all the optioins is not a bad truck. don't plan on towing anything with it but one bike would be fine. the toyota quality is still there. As for the american/mexican trucks they are nice but the dodge has had lots of problems. a buddy of mine got a new f 150 and it is very nice. but still, if you want to spend the least amount of money get that t 100. they are cheap and will last for ever.


I've got a 2002 Ram 1500, POS. I've already put 22,000 miles on it and most of that has been the 17 or 18 trips back to the dealer. MPG, 10 in town 12 on the road.

Unless you need to haul something big or you need the extra room definatly buy the Yoda.

Many people have had problems with the Dodge trucks so your not alone.

I have a 2003 Chevy 2500 HD and I haven't been back to the dealer yet. It's really nice but expensive truck.


The T100 is a great truck. I had one for several years, put a 100,000 mile on it with out any problems then sold it to a friend's 16 year old boy and he has run the wheels off it and still no problems.

My only complaints, not enough power and rear springs are too light to haul much of anything.


Brandon, go for what I got. A 93 Ranger XLT. What a sweet ride... :) (hey, at least gas is good)

BTW: Brandon, Did you get my PM?

as far as many people having problems with a dodge truck i hope your talkin the Gas ones. There is a huge difference between the gas and the diesels. Anyway brandon how much you lookin to spend. I am a firm believer in the dodge with a 6 speed diesel. But that is 25 G's for a used one. As far as the toyota goes if i remember right dosent the T100 have the I6 cyl. If you can find a nice one i am sure you will be happy. Hell it is mostly in how you drive em and take care of em. Hell the 97 and up ford f-150's are a nice rig. Good power and not bad gas milage. Comes with a 4.6 or a 5.4 size gas engine. Good luck. I can try to hook you up with something at dave smith if you want let me know. Did you check your PM's later bro


My experience with trucks.

1985 Ford Ranger - Bought new, after 4 years traded it in on a new 89 Ranger. Everytime it rained it would strand me. Spent a year to dealer, mechanics and myself trying to fix it.

1889 Ford Ranger - Spent the first 6 months in and out of the garage for numerous problems. Misses, transmission slipping, water leaks come to mind. Sold it at a year old and bought and old jeep.

1992 Dodge Dakota V8. Kept it for 5 years. Speedometer, heater motor, windshield washer motor, 3 transmissions and many other small problems in the first 70K miles.

1998 bought a 1995 Toyota 4 runner. I still own it. It is hands down the best vehicle I have ever owned. Currently 130K miles, abosolutely no maintenace expenses outside of the routine stuff. Still as tight as the day I bought it. No squeaks, rattles... It basically has the same drivetrain as the T100. I recommend the T100. My next truck will be the Tundra.

Thanks for the responses. I would love to have a new truck (Tundra, HD2500, F-250) but the finances do not allow that type of purchase.

I currently drive an '88 Isuzu Trooper with a F.I. 4 cylinder, so I know all about being under-powered! This unit has 200,000 miles on it, and still running strong, but I am getting tired of unloading the snowmobiles to load up the bike. Plus, it is just time to upgrade.

Looks like 96's can be had for as little as $8,000 and newer ones, up to about '98, can go for as high as $14,000, so I am shooting for a middle of the road, $10-11,000 vehicle. 4x4, extra cab, AC, Cruise and CD are the things I am looking for.

Hopefully I can find this locally.


Thanks peoples!

I have had 2 GMC full size 3/4 ton trucks. A 1990 2wd and a 92 4wd. Both had over 200,000 km. The 2wd got almost the same milage as my Venture minivan! It had a 350 V8, could beat most cars in a drag race and sounded great. I wish I still had it. It is now a work truck for my dads construction company and is still going strong with over 300,000 km on it.

Hey Buddy, you looked into late 90's Tacoma's?? My '98 taco has hauld up to three biked up over the continental divide many times. Only thing I'd suggest, get an automatic trans.


Dodger :):D

If you don't need to haul heavy stuff or heavy trailers the Toyota is a great option. I have leased 2 Tacomas in the past. Both were 4cyl, 5spd, 2wd, extended cab. Both trucks got 28mpg, and neither went back to the dealer for service. These trucks have plenty of power to haul 2 bikes in the back, and pull a small trailer. I pulled a flatbed snowmobile trailer with 2 sleds no problem. If you want 4x4, and or automatic I would go with a V6 motor instead of the 4cyl.

If you need to haul very heavy loads, or pull large trailers I would go with a used full size Ford diesel.

You can't go wrong with a Toyota. I've had a couple of 4Runners and now a Landcruiser for 2 years. All have been virtually problem-free. I don't know much about their Pick-Ups, but I'm a big fan of Toyota and their SUV's.

Man, buy Toyota.

I have an '02 Tacoma X-Tra cab,SR5, V6 with the TRD off road package.

I had a '00 Tacoma, traded it on a ford (for the 0.0% financing), and finally got rid of that for the new Tacoma.

My dad has had Chevy 1500 silverados, and my mom has always had GM products. ONLY my Toyotas have not ever seen a shop for ANY reason.

The V6 Tacoma has 195 hp, and something like 225 ft./lbs of torque. Not bad for a compact truck.

Only thing, if you want an extended cab, you'll want the 4 door crew cab. The X-tra cab Tacoma is NOT, I repeat, NOT intended for anyone to actually sit in. More of a "storage" area for delicate cargo.

The 4 door varient has different options than the x-tra cab, so the V6 may not be available (although I am 99% sure it is - just not manual transmissions). The 4 door also has a 4 foot bed, not a 6 foot bed. A bed extender product would make it a 6 foot bed again.

I tow my dad's enclosed trailer with mine. 2 bikes (my 520 and his 426), my 100 lb. toolbox, and assorted other crap in the trailer. It is 8'6" tall, about 13' wide, and about 14' long, single axle. The truck does pretty good, and won't generally drop below 55 mph on any hill I've hit yet. (Out west, your hills would be much worse though in the mountains!) She holds 75 easy though on most highways.

Another thing about a Toyota - you have the TRD (Toyota Racing Development) arsenal at your buying disposal.

I'm saving up for the TRD Factory Supercharger.

Maintains all warranties for your engine and drivetrain, and bumps the V6 up to 265 horses, and 302 ft./lb. of torque.

Plus, it's a Toyota!

The Tundras are nice though, plus if you get the V8 (you MUST if you get a Tundra....it's a big truck to have the Tacoma's engine in it!)

Personally, I FOUND a way to make it happen when I was buying both my Toyotas, and have NOT been dissapointed with that.

I'v got the duramax diesel and only get 17 HWY. and 16 to work and back. I love the truck! :) Mine is the Crew 4x4 and I drive 80-85 mph on HWY. But back to the subject. This is the truck to have. It cost a lot more up front, but after 100,000 miles You have paid the difference in gas millage compaired to the 15 mpg you will get with the Tundra. Then you can drive the next 400K miles saving money. BTW I pull a 13,000 lb. 38 ft. ToyHauler with it and cruise controll at 75 mph across the hills of Tennessee (not the curvy ones thouth) :D.

I had a 1500 and drove it 106K mi. and did not have to have a whell alingment, changed the belt, altenator and plugs at 80K was all. Changed oil every 3K. One of the best trucks I have owned. I didn't won't to sell it but had to because of the trailer I bought. Still does not beat the duramax diesel I have know, although I have had to get a whell alingment, but I am helping my Brother-in-law build a house and have been rough getting over the curb to his house.

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