It's a conspiracy, I tell you!

Anybody been to any of the online OEM parts websites, such as or Notice anything different? Well, they don't show the part numbers anymore, only the names of the parts. I liked to use those websites to do comparison shopping and make sure I order the exact parts I need. More than once the guy at the parts counter would have ordered the wrong part if I hadn't already known the right part number.

What's up with that?

I find it strange that suddenly both websites I use to look up parts have discontinued a major feature. It's a conspiracy!

Does anyone know any other websites where I can find OEM part numbers?

I see what your saying, looks like all the sites are using new systems now for whatever reason. If you add the part in question into your cart it will show you the part number then...atleast it did on the first site you listed. That didn't work on, not sure why they are different. I use to use them as well. You can try Riva Yamaha too...they give you the part number AFTER adding the part to your cart.

nice site dangler.... i think i'll use it..

you da man

Aha! The part numbers do come up once they're added to the shopping cart. Thanks, I'm glad I asked.

Rich, I just noticed the same thing two weeks ago...

I'm also glad you asked, I was asking myself the same question. :)

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