2000 426... any steel clutch baskets?

I have searched but no success. I did find some for other models so I hope I just need help with what fits. I have seen some posts on adding wieght to the flywheel to calm the beast at slower speeds and also seems that the aluminum basket wears easily. If this is a bad idea please tell me why, and thanks for any help :lol:

Barnet makes some baskets with stainless steel "inserts" on the fingers, more for wear than inertia. While making the basket from steel would add some rotating mass, because the mass is distributed along the entire "base" of the basket, rather than at the outer edge, it's not quite as efficient. You get a bigger increase in mass moment of inertia the farther away that the weight is from the "axle".

Additional clutch weight is a poor way to increase crankshaft inertia because it turns so slowly and is driven by a reduction gear from the crank.

On the first point, clutch turns only 38% as fast as the engine, and since the rotational inertia depends more on the speed than the mass, there simply is not going to be as much avaiable.

Second, the clutch is at a mechanical disadvantage vs. the crank. When the inertia of the clutch tries to resist the crank accelerating, the engine has a 2.66:1 advantage because of the gear ratio, and accelerates the clutch easily in spite of additional mass. When the clutch inertia tries to resist the engine decelerating, it has to try to drive the crank through a ratio of 0.375:1, basically a huge overdrive ratio.

I replaced my basket with an OEM. The factory basket lasted over 5 years.... not too shabby for a stock part. Plus, it wasn't that expensive.

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