07 YZ 450 Fuel Mileage?

So I just put a new 3.1gal. IMS tank on my 450 to get ready for an off-road race this weekend. The race is 100 miles, 2 50 mile loops. In previous years average speed was around 45mph. The terrain is described as sand washes, jeep trails, and two-track roads. The loops have never been 50 miles in the past though. I got to looking at the forum for the series that is hosting the race and everybody is concerned about not being able to make a full loop on a single tank of fuel, even with a desert tank on their bike(none of the posts were make/model specific)...

Does that sound right? I would have thought I could make 50 miles pretty easy with a 3 gallon tank? Just wondering if anybody has ever calculated mileage on a YZ 450? Guess I'll find out soon enough huh? :lol:

It depends a little bit on the terrain. Put 1.6 gallons in it and mark it. At he end of your first loop, check it and see if you are over or under half a tank.

I generally don't have a problem making 50 miles on 3.3 gallons, and could probably do up to 65. In non-racing situations, I've gone over 70 on that amount of fuel.

It's usually pretty safe to figure 20-23 mpg.

i've gone 40 plus miles easilly on 1.8, so you should be able to almost double that. i dont know about 100 miles. carry some extra gas in your camel pack :lol:

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