Chain rubbing the guide...

99 yz400. my chain is rubbing the bottom and sides of the chain guide. 13 51 sprockets. any solutions? i'm afraid it could damage the chain in the long run. i just got new chain and sprockets but the old one rubbed too. they are primary drive...i know not the best but i'm on a college budget. are there any aftermarket guides that are wider?...thanks

Make sure that your stocker is not just bent causing excessive wear. You can remove it and straighten it out and then just buy a new insert or liner. However, your best bet is to go with a TM Designworks or a BRP chain guide although they don't exactly fit into a college budget.

It's not unusual for the chain to run against the guide. If you can apply tension on the top run of chain, so that it draws the bottom one tight, and see that there is clearance on 3 sides, It's OK. If not, then check for it being bent as Wiz said.

The only thing that might be abnormal is a bit of extra drag on the bottom of the guide/outside of the chain because of the 51 (stock was a 48 or 49). Under normal conditions, the chain will show wear along the outside and inside edges of the plates, and also on the master link clip. If you have a longer lasting chain, you may have to replace the clip before the chain itself is worn beyond the service limit.

thanks guys!

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