That hurt!

Nice day, 5 degrees celcius, (40 F) and sunny and it has been a while since firing up the 450 so I thought I would ride on down to Starbucks.

Got three driveways down the road and hit black ice ... wham I am laying on the road! Drove my shoulder into the pavement, banged up my knee and ankle OUCH!

52 Years old here and still acting like a goof. :lol:

Ouch! you would think 40degF would be ok for a ride. Damn ice. Just bruised? Hopefully that is all.

It's been a weird winter up here in the PACIFIC NW for sure...

In the last two years we have seen sustained snow levels lower and lower affecting many of our winter riding areas.

Factor in all the liberal greenies we have here in WA state and low land riding opps are getting fewer and farther between.

Hope you heal fast... how does it feel at 52? I turn 42 this week and have not been on my bike since October because of a broken collar bone and surgery:banghead:

Getting old sucks:busted:

Hope you heal fast... how does it feel at 52?

At 52 you don't bounce back quite the way you used to and you break easier! So you take fewer risks, (:worthy: ) and don't follow your teenager over the big jumps at full throttle, and scale back those 100 mile trail-rides and bring your pain-killers camping with you.

But ... never lose the wonder of riding in the wilderness watching for what's around the next corner! :lol:

i think i am going to take my bike out tomorrow. haha why not trails suck for snowmobiling so why not do the best next thing.

Busted ribs at 47 is no joy either! :lol:

what? no pic? :worthy:

you know it didn't really happen until a pic shows up ... right? :lol:

hope you're ok though ...

but don't go and do a "take 2" just for the necessary photo!

so i guess people in nh dont see alot of people on wrs in the middle of february when its 30 deg out. i got alot of looks. haha i felt great to get back and ride.

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