Street Legal Makeover

Just did a switch of parts after I got the plate. What a difference in looks.ee4a1ad139e27379b2d5927e6f7da3df0_large.jpg35146e605974916ce5b02b3dc017d3df0_large.jpgca3fc96270a50625d43a048b4dd7cf270_large.jpg

Did that start out as a YZ or WR?


Did you have any trouble getting it plated?

No. I recieved my plate and owners card in less than 2 weeks. Just make sure everything you put on the bike is DOT. If you live close to me I can supply the parts for the inspection. I am running a total loss system for the lights, hence the tool bag on the rear fender. I dealt with Carl at Pro Cycle for all the parts. Im running a alarm battery from Interstate Batteries. The headlight will last 1 hour if turned on continuosly. I cruise with the headlight off, therefore I am only running the led tail and the vapor speedo. In this mode I have ridden over 3 hours with still plenty of juice left. Make sur e on your copy for the parts it says dot next to each item. Carl will add that when he prints it out. After you get the tag then custimise the way you like.

So you have to charge the battery every time after you ride? I have an 07 yz450f and i really want to do this to my bike. How much did all the parts cost?

+1 on more information and links! I will be doing this soon... I purchased all my parts from Pro Cycle. a 12 volt 5 amp hour. . I ride with the headlight turned off. . I also installed 1 9 pin and 1 2 pin connectors under the seat so I can change out the rear fender for dirt. . The battery is 4 pounds. The cost was $700.00 for everything. That included the dot tires and tubes from Pro Cycle. Kenda Trackmasters.

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