Another DR. D Exhaust question

Just got my new pipe and header. The header to pipe fit is somewhat loose. I am assuming I use RTV sealant between the 2? Are most people using a lock clamp also?

Loose, as in you can slide the two together, or so loose that it will leak?

If it doesn't fit well enough not to need sealant, and it's new, call DRD and tell them about it. Their customer service is among the best, and they will quickly correct any real problem you have.

Neither of mine required any sealer, and no, you should not use a clamp.

Like Gray says, it should be a snug interference-type fit that does not require sealant or a clamp. If it is anything other than that Dubach would probably like to hear about it.

Talked to them and sent them a pic. He said it should expand and then become tight. Got it on now and getting ready to fire it up...

Looks like it did tighten up quite a bit. Not fully tight yet though. Just ran it at idle in the driveway for a total of about 10 minutes. 3-4 times at 2-3 minutes at a time. Did you guys know that the header glows bright red when you do this? J/K:p

Hopefully the rain will stay away so I can ride it tomorrow.

Got it to the track twice. Still will not snug up fully where there will be no leak. It is backfiring like crazy whenever I downshift. I tried a 162 main, a 165 main and still no difference. Any other ideas, something I am mising? It also has a nice backfire when I shut the bike off.

haha my header NEVER glowed red and it did it one day and i freaked!!!!! it also melted part of my CV4 rad hoses so now im going to wrap the header

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