I recall some posts way back about which oil to use and the recommendations ranged from Yamalube the Racing formula and Mobil 1 as the two most popular responses.

Has anyone used Amsoil and do you change your oil less often as their marketing material claims, is there any clutch slippage etc?

Also, which Amsoil did you use, 10w40, 20w 50 etc? I live in Washington State and the temperature only varies 50-60 degrees on the west side, i.e. it's rarely below 30 or above 90.

Thanks for the help.


I have never heard a bad thing said about amsoil. I went to their web site and they have brief descriptions of each oil they offer and recommended applications. I use Amsoil 10w-40 synthetic motorcycle with no clutch slipage, No matter how good an oil claims to be there is no cheaper insurance than frequent oil changes. when I watch the old oil drain out of my bikes and when I dump the new oil in it is such a sweet feeling. When my bike is happy, I am happy, when the wife is happy, I take advantage and go riding!

Yeah, Amsoil is the best. I use 10W40 with great results. I also use a "Micronic" oil filter but I don't like stretching oil change intervals too much as the oil does get dirty and it only takes 1,4 litres (1.5 quarts). 10W40 is a good grade for you...The thicker 20W50 would only slow you down.

I use Amsoil in pretty well everything I own (two stroke and four stroke) with no problems. Most of my buddys also use it and report minimal top end wear etc. on thier KXs & YZs . IMHO it is among the best you can get. (only Motul comes to mind as being comparable) Use the 10W40 Motorcycle specific Amsoil in your WR, and change it fairly often, but if you do get a little lazy and delay a change for a couple of rides you won't have to worry about hurting the engine. My 2 cents.

Peace Eh - P.Z.


I think that most major motorcycle oil manufacturers are all in the same "ballpark" with regards to quality. Any motorcycle specific synthetic oil that meets your API grade requirements will offer plenty of protection and performance. The only accurate way to determine how good an oil performs is to have an oil analysis done. You could buy alot of cases of oil for what this would cost though. I agree with the others that the most important factor is frequent oil changes. No matter how "good" the oil is, it will still get "dirty". I have been using AMSOIL for a few years now and really like it. Use it in my 2 smokes, thumpers, cars, whatever. I got into their preferred customer program and saved alot of money by getting the products at whosale prices. I figure that I save about 50% every time I change oil, verses going down to the bike shop and spending nine or ten bucks a quart. Go to their website for more info.


Never heard a bad thing about Amsoil or Mobil one. Personally I use Mobil 1 in every engine I own except the mower. Mobil one also has a motorcycle oil in the stores for a bit more anti wear compounds. For the ultimate Mobil one protection you can go to your Triumph dealer and buy their racing blend that is only EPA legal for closed course racing due to the abundance of anti wear additives. Unfortunately it is around $10 a quart and sold in 5 quart jugs.

The regular Mobil 1 20w50 is fine for me.

I use Mobil 1 in my mower, bike, truck, van and it also substitutes for KY Jelly in a pinch! :)

What Kevin meant to say is Mobil 1 is made especially for small displacement low RPM engines...... :)


HAHAHAHA that was a good one Mike In the Valley :):D

I use mobil 1 in mower , car , gold wing , and in my wr . Never had any trouble and i have over 100 thousand on my wing . Just had my valves checked on the wr and there was no visible were after two years of riding woods. Im sold on the stuff .

I've used Mobil 1 in my WR for about two years now and it shows almost no wear in the top end. I use AMSOIL in my son's YZ125, crank and mixed and I just rebuilt the top end after two years. There was very little wear - which is excellent for a 2-smoke. I use Mobil 1 in all my other engines. I LIKE AMSOIL - but it's hard to get in NM. I think Mobil 1 is just as good and simpler (and cheaper) to find. I recall some old postings about a year ago that had some comparisons of AMSOIL and Mobil 1. I believe the results were pretty close with AMSOIL winning out on shear and heat breakdown by a "nose hair".

Bottom line in my book - use whichever is easiest to find and cheapest - you can't go wrong with either.

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