hrc xr628 kit opinion/feedback

anyone out there have one in their 600? hows the power increase and was it worth the money?

Hi. Yeah, I had the 628 kit in my '96XR 600 back when I had it. It's worth the money if you are wanting to make the 600 go from mellow to fierce. With correct jetting for the kit, and a good quality aftermarket exhaust system (including header), you can expect power which is similar to an XR650R with the Power up kit in it. Not quite as much, but very similar. I say this, because I now own a 2000 model XR650R with the Honda power up kit installed, and also a Big Gun exhaust system (including headers). My 650R is noticeably more powerful than my modified 600R, but the 600R was still quite potent with the HRC mods. Hope this helps.

What jetting did you run with your 628 kit? I ask because I have just rebuilt my engine with the 628 kit and want to know what jet sizes to use with the stock carb. Thanks.

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