does anyone know where to buy canadian parts?

I took my bike to the dealership the other day for some valve problems and to my surprise they found out that my bike is a canadian model. The service manager said I need a color coded valve bucket and a new valve but they can't buy canadian parts. If I can't find them I will need to replace the whole cylnder and valves with american ones and it will cost me over a $1000 in parts.

If you have a phone # to a dealership in canada close to vancouver, let me know. Or if this has happened to you please let me know what you did. Thanks

If you bought the bike from a dealer then that dealer should service it regardless of what country it came from. Gray listing and parrallel imports, if done by the dealer you purchased from are responsible for service.

I bought the bike from a guy in oregon and brought it back to washington where I live so I had no idea it was a canadain bike and don't have a clue where he bought it. I found some dealerships in vancouver and i am going to call them in the morning.

One of the largest Dealers in Canada. Calgary, Alberta. We have no sales tax in Alberta :)

a really good place to buy parts fro a canadian biie i would think would be in australia. I believe it is basically the same bike. Good luck


Let's see shipping from Australia or shipping from Canada. Check your Atlas, we are right next door. :)

dude i know. I was totally being a smartass. I have a constitutional right to do so. lol Of course you buy them from canadia. cant wait till you come down in the fall. we have found some kickass trails. Sweet.


Canada, its just like the united states with out guns!

And you can buy tylenol with codeine over the counter.

And from what my buddy says you can touch the dancers. (what ever that means)

touch the dancers. that must mean that when you are dancing with your wife you can put your arm around her. that is pretty cool.

Tman, I think I smell a BULLSH*& story from your dealer! He's trying to stick you for buying a grey market bike. I could be wrong but I doubt it. The Yamaha service book makes no mention of different service for either bikes that I know of.


check and see if it has a grey wire. Check and see if the exhaust is diffrent. that will tell you. that is if your bike had a stock exhaust on it to begin with. Also look up the VIN on the net. I believe that will telly ou were it was from.


VIN will only tell you the country of manufacture. That's why every Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki VIN start with "J" no matter where yoou buy it. You can find out which bike wass imported to which country through the VIN number but not directly.

Willy Fitz

I think your dealer is not worth dealing with, I would think that they could help you if they wanted to, Its easier for them to bring the parts in ( if there realy different ) and if you need to get a hold of dealers check this link out

I'm with SoCal on this one . My first guess was you were being fed a line. I never heard of a hard parts difference between the US and Canadians other than the carb, muffler,tires,trip meter in metric and some shock stuff. I checked into it thoroughly as I was looking at buying one. Mark

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did you check for the grey wire. Banf boy's bike is a canadian model and it didn't have a grey wire. So check. that will ell you right there.

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