rad lowering kit question

Does anyone have a picture of the radiator hose coming out of the water pump, post lowering kit install. I also put on the boyesen water pump. I am concerned that the short hose is at a sharp angle after lowering the radiators. I have gotten the hose smooth, but its not a gentle curve.

Gray, if you read this, what other options do you have here.


I've never dealt with lowering the radiators. The tube exiting the pump is steel, however, which would leave the fabrication of a modified tube wide open.

I just installed a boyesen water pump & DR.D lowering kit and had same concern with very sharp angle, Cut 1/4 inch of hose and it will be A tight fit. If you want to see A picture of mine email me.

any cooling issues yet?

It looks goofy, but I guess it'll be OK


Not sure if this helps. I had to trim the hose that gopes onto the pump by 1/2 an inch.

thanks for the pic,

similar to mine. Thanks again

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