Questions on Hurricain kit

hey guys, im looking to redo the plastic on my 98 WR400f, and i was looking at the One Ind. Hurricane kit. would this fit my WR400?? any comments would be much appreciated. Thank You

I'm not sure if they still make 'em for the 400s. I knwo thay do for the older 250s/426's, but the shrouds are diferent where they attach to the radiators (the angle of the mounting tab on the radiators is about 45 degrees different between the two). If they don't make them specifically for the 400, you could run somehting like DeVol radiator guards with the 426 kit, that way the shrouds atach to the radiator guards...see my garage for a pic of my son's 250 with the H-Kit. Looks sweet.

okay, so if i get the kit but get different shrouds i should be fine? that bike is nice man btw.

Thanks. My at the time 15 year old son did all the work himself...I only paid for it...

You would have to get yellow shrouds for the 400...which One Industries may still make (in other words, offer a complete kit for the 400s). I would call them. When I got the kit for my boy's bike, our local shop couldn't find a part number, so I called One Industries and got it. They were most helpful. If you look at teh lower shroud mount, it bolts to a tab on the radiator. That tab is at a different angle on the 400s vs the 426s/250s, so the lower attachment area on the shroud is different between the 400s and 426's. I mistakenly got 400 shrouds for my 426 when I turned it white, and they really didn't fit well at all. You could maybe bend the attach tab on the radiator to use the 426 shrouds, but I'b be kinda scared to cause a leak in the radiator. If you use DeVol radiator guards, they have a separate tab to attach the shroud to, so you could get guards for a 426 and use the 426 shrouds if One doesn't make the 400 kit any longer. I hope that's clear...

hey thats funny, im fifteen now too lol, but ill hav to pay for almost all my work :lol:. thank you for the help man. you've cleared a lot up. i have found yellow shrouds for the 400 also. but what i was thinking was that i could get the parts for the hurricane kit separately if possible and if not ill just call One and see what i can do. Thanks again,

You can get the parts separately, and it ends up being abit cheaper...till you try to get the graphics! Good on ya man for earning and saving the bank to do this yourself! Polysport and Acerbis both make yellow fenders for the steel framed YZs. They will work fine on the WRs (though you have to trim away the lower R/H corner of the rear fender to clear the WR pipe). That just leaves the tank (and headlight if you're going to put it back can run a YZ number plate, too...all you have to do is fabricate a little clip for the top mount. If you are going to use the lights, a Baja Designs LED tail light works great with the YZ fender. You can paint the stock headlight with the special plastic paint from Krylon (forget the name now, but it sticks really well) or go with something from Acerbis like we did, or eve B-D.

If you have any other questions, feel free to PM.

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