Added Steahly 9.3oz and bike won't idle now!

Added the flywheel weight and now bike won't idle properly. If you pull in the clutch you get very low idle/stall (opposite of what the weight was supposed to do). :lol: If you raise the idle to compensate, sometimes it drops to the right point and sometimes it screams at 2000 RPM.

Are any jetting/fuel/air adjustments needed after adding a flywheel weight normally? Are there any other steps I need to get my bike to like the added weight?

Any help appreciated. Want to get her running today!

As I understand this, the bike ran OK just prior to installing the flywheel. IF that's true, You might want to take the flywheel off to check whether you have dislodged the Woodruff key, allowing the flywheel to be mis-indexed, or damaged the trigger coil that sends the spark timing signal to the CDI.

If this bike had developed these symptoms with your working on the flywheel, I would check for an air leak in the intake, or tight valves, along with trying to adjust the pilot screw.

Bike ran perfect prior to installation. Was actually just tuned up and valves done last 30 days. Will check those items.

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