question for taffy!


I am going to try out your jetting specs on my 2000 wr 400. I am currently running the jets in my signature. I dont really have any complaints about how it is running at the moment, never stalls or misbehaves, always starts first or second kick hot or cold.

What can I hope to gain by using the smaller pj/paj, mj/maj combo's?

I have ordered a 160 maj and an adjustable pas so far, I have a pretty good collection of main and pilot jets to try but dont really know where to start exactly.

In your signature you're running the euro pipe but I have a bills open pipe. Will this only affect the main jet size? Will the obeln needle work ok with the smaller jets or should I try another needle as well.

I am guessing that I will need about a 158 main to go with the 160 maj but dont really know what size to set the paj at, or what size pilot jet to start with.

Any recommendations you can offer me will be much appreciated.



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