IMS desert tank on 03 WR450

I called IMS yesterday to order a new tank for my WR450. The good news is that they made the YZF450 tank and the WR450 tanks the same. Apparently the bikes are similar enough that all they had to do was to put two different seat post locations on the back of the tank. One for the YZF450 and one for the WR450. You don't have to buy a YZF seat to run a desert tank now, at least an IMS tank. They also redesigned the tanks for the 03 YZF and WR450's to be narrower and have a lower center of gravity, kind of like the Ty Davis signature IMS tank. I really like that. They told me the tank won't be any wider than the stock tank.

Here's the kicker, and it just doesn't sound right to me. IMS told me that I do have to buy YZF shrouds because the WR450 and the YZF450 have different size shrouds. They are the same shape and they look the same side by side, but they are about an inch different in size. Does this sound right to you guys?

I called N-Style about graphics and they say that there are two different graphic kits for the WR450 and the YZF450, but it's the tank part that is different not the shroud. The tank and graphics are on backorder, so it may be a while before I can start bolting things up and comparing. So I guess the WR450 waiting continues. I finally got the bike and now I have to wait on parts.

If any one has a way to compare the two shrouds and see what the difference is please let me know. I hate to spend more money than I have to. My local shop doesn't have anything in stock that I could hold up and compare. I thought the WR was wider and that was it, maybe I'm wrong.

Coming over from th 250f site. Yes everything IMS told you is correct. I was the one that took the first WR to ims and we checked it out. The shrouds are different. You must use the YZ shrouds on the WR with their tank. The tank is great. Very small on top and carries the fuel low. Just finished a Desert race last weekend, about 70 miles and didn't get gas in the pits. The second time I went to IMS, they had a WR450 in and had just put the tank on.Yes it does not touch the starter and you can access the carb. much better than the 01 02 IMS tank.

Thanks Larry and David

IMS tank ordered

WR450, electrex Dakar, tagged(texas) Dunlop 606's, IMS tank ordered, suspension lowered 1.5"(boo hoo!)

What tank sizes will IMS offer for the WR450? I really liked their 4.0 gallon on my XR.

Hey thanks Larry. That makes me feal better. Come to think about it IMS has never steared me wrong. Those guys seem to have it together.

Bamy, you know I didn't even ask how much the tank holds (gals). I had to much going on in my head to ask the most important question. I guess I should find that out.

As of right now only one tank offered by IMS and it is 3.1 gal.

IMO, 3.1 isn't a significant amount of increased capacity (stock tank is 2.96 with reserve) to justify the cost of the tank, graphics and yzf radiator shrouds. I'd rather pack a little bit of gas in my pack if necessary.


I hear what your saying. I get a pretty good deal through sponsors so the cost isn't as bad. I just like the fact that the tank gives the bike a little lower center of gravity, and I ordered it in natural (clear) so I can see the fuel when I'm pitting and riding. I hate guess work. I like to look down and see how much fuel I have to determine how much I need. It also helps from overflowing the tank and possibly causing a fire while pitting with the quick dump, you can see the tank filling up.

If your a trail rider, or you don't do long enough races that you need a pit stop it really doesn't make any since to spend the money. The bike will go about the same distance on either tank.

I think the stock tank is about 2.6 not 2.9.

The fuel is carried much lower on the IMS and another 1/2 gal can get you thru some races without a pit stop.

2.6 is what I was told as well. Carring the gas lower makes a big differece.

Any of you guys have problem with the IMS tanks? I've heard about leaking caps, and concerns about the petcocks. Just trying to gather more info before I order mine.


I think you guys are correct. I read in the manual that tank capacity is 2.64 gallons. Reserve is 0.32 gallons. I misread the fact that the 0.32 reserve makes up a PORTION of the 2.64 capacity. Now I'm bummed. :)


I have been running IMS tanks for about 7 years and I have NEVER had a problem of any sorts with their product.

And they look cool to :)

Anyone get their IMS tanks yet? I would like to see what they look like on the new WR's.

I filled my WR450 up with 2.65 gallons. It would be cool if they had a tank to carry another gallon. I talked to the owner of IMS (CH) at the Adelanto race, super nice guy!! I asked him when they'll be ready and he told me that Steve (or Scott? his mold tech) is putting the final touches on the mold and should be ready very soon.... CH rides too, he has an XR650, I asked him if he had a Clarke tank on his bike, he just smiled and said of course.... :) (he was kidding)...



I remember fitting my 98' WR400 with the A-Loop one gallon rear side tank which complimented the IMS 3.4 gallon tank for a total of 4.3 gallons. I did the Moab White Rim ride (120 miles+) several times without refueling . The only issue was that I needed to use the rear side tank first to normalize sag and that was a pain. Long uphills would prevent fuel from flowing from the rear tank to the carb so I often switched tanks to suit terrain until the rear was empty. I installed that fender tank on my 02' WR426 but sold it with the bike when I got the 03' WR450. I thought the 03' air filter door would be in the way, but now I wish I would have kept that rear tank. Even if 3.4 gallons is enough, how often have you wished your 2-stroke friends had an extra gallon ? I'll take a wait and see attitude until April when the long-range Moab ride occurs. At that time 3.5 gallons is a minimum - bummer.

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