E-Z Pull Clutch Arm and shorty lever questions

That won't fit a YZ450 because the lever on the YZ is welded to the shaft. The whole shaft assembly may fit, though, but even if it does, I don't know how it would affect the leverages.

Your '07 should have a lighter pull than my '06's do, and they are both easy two finger clutches as it is, so I guess I don't really get the point of the whole pursuit in the first place.

Yeah, it's certainly pretty light especially after doing the lever mod. I can get away with using one finger for a while at least. I was mainly just curious if it would work. That extended actuator might help the guys with older yz's if the whole yfz shaft assembly will fit. I don't know how stiff the pull is on the older 450's but it was very stiff on my 400f. Lever suggestions anyone? I checked the two places I usually order parts from and neither of them have a shorty lever that's not real pricey.

Something to bear in mind: When you do mods such as the lever modification or extending the release arm, you are increasing the leverage ratio. When you do that, you reduce the amount that the load (the clutch pressure plate, in this case) moves for a given amount of input travel at the lever. So, if you get carried away with this sort of thing, sooner or later you will find that your clutch no longer releases cleanly, even when the lever is pulled clear to the bar. This problem is why the '07 clutch has on less pair of plates than the '06. Levers like the ASV series, which allow adjustment for reach can correct this to some extent by adding more reach, and thus more lever travel.

If you want a nicer clutch look into magura's hydrolic clutches. Put one on my o6 yz450f and could'nt be happier. There's no cable to deal with, all the power of your bike is put to the ground. No adjusting. On the plus side, my clutch last's three times as long, so it was'nt so bad forking out the money for one. Anyone who rides my bike loves it!

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