Suzuki board troll


I wouldn't buy a yellow bike even if I believed all that! :)

Man, they've got some killer bench racers over there!

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I just had to add my .02 , couldn't help myself...

Bonzai :)

I like freestyle reply

"And then you woke up" Too funny!! :):D

hilarious. Soon enough the kawi guys will be saying the same thing. LOL

Rider and riding surface make a big difference in a drag race. I have a friend with a 97 CR500, it is very fast, but can't hook up, and doesn't have a long powerband. I've watched him race my cousin on his 98 WR many times, and I've never seen the CR win. The WR just hooks up so good, and pulls long and hard. Hill climbs are a different story, the CR will out climb the WR any day of the week.

i gsse i better forget the new 450 im going to have to get me a nw DRZ............ya,right :)

Damn, I oughta be able to kick everyone's ass on my yellow WR... :)

good one stumpy. that is classic. Funny funny funny

I had to do it I just had to

Just in some defense of Scrambler, the guy has been here longer than anyone here, so I wouldn't call him a troll.... :)

Awwwwwwwwwwww ! I think its sooooo cute the way you are sticking up for Scrambler! :)

That is truly special.


Just givin ya some crap Dr Zaius - I couldn't resist.


Originally posted by DR.Zaius:

Just in some defense of Scrambler, the guy has been here longer than anyone here, so I wouldn't call him a troll.... :)

Say what......... :D:D


Now now boys...enough about bench racers etc...Fryboy and I are riding together this afternoon. Just for giggles I will hit him up for a drag race. Just for fun....

We will talk again Monday... :)

O.k guys, ya'll quit yer bitchin' and come on out here to Georgia. I'll be glad to show ya what a friggin' 94' KTM 400 exc can do! :D:D:D:):D:D

It's all about the pilot, right? (I think someone's sig says that "A fast bike in the hands of a slow rider is still a slow bike")?

BTW, got nothing but good things to say about the Suzuki guys. Real nice bunch of fellows!

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I thought that was a funny thread. Nobody taking things too seriously.


I was LMAO at the 'driving a 'dozer wearing a snorkel' comment.


The 'parking lot exit' comment had me going as well.

Truly funny.


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