Utah Moto, Dirt Rider Article!!

Utah Moto, is a tour comp in Utah, Very nice article in Dirt rider mag about their tour comp and riding in Utah!! Nice job Chris!!!

That is a dream vacation of mine. I hope I can make it one day soon. Also have great helmet cam videos at their website.


That was a great article, the part about Cainville looks cool, has any ridden the area they show? How do you get there? I've ridden all the other places they mention, but not Cainville, is it as fun as it looks?

Question for Fryboy, I noticed you said Koubalinks for your 426, they told me they don't have them for the big Yamaha four strokes because there is not room in the shock tunnel on the swing arm.

Hi Yamaharichie,

I may have mislabeled. Its the Kouba fuel screw t-handle I have.


Cainsville is near Hanksville, south of I-70 on highway24, turn right at Hanksville and go for about five miles or so. Crazy scary stuff their, many a broken bones have come from this area!!!several 100ft gaps and insane hill climbs.

Caineville is hot, just did the ride with MR MOTO and 15 other riders. Can't say enough of the fun you will have. The next day, after Cainville we did Gobblin Valley another great riding area.

Good Luck and I hope you get the opportunity :)

Which Dirt Rider issue was this article in?

I have the February issue which was the first of my subscription.

March issue. It should be coming soon. I got mine a week ago.

That does look like some great riding. What about that insanely steep hill ending in a 200 foot cliff if you don't loop back down?

Definitely some lunar landscpapes near Hanksville.

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