Steahly 16 oz. ffw?

I have the opportunity to pick up a 16 oz. Steahly FFW for $100 brand new. Is this too much weight? I know the D.R.D. 9 oz. is a popular one on here but this seems like a good deal. Any help would be appreciated.


I have that one on my 03 450F...and it works fine still fast but more "Rideable" easier to trail ride

I did search, just not hard enough i guess.:lol: I appreciate your input. BC3 do you have any problems with excess boot rub from the spacer.

Not a problem.....The only thing I hate about it is that it covers the timing marks and you have to remove it to time the engine....I like Dubach's flywheel better for that reason...But it has been on the bike since day one and no problems...

The weights on the two different DRD flywheels I had on my '03 covered the timing marks, too.

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