Top end and Synthetic Oil

In my quest to complete my top end, which is being rebuilt for a second time (long story). The cylinder and piston are a nickle-ceramic coating for Max Power. They are saying to use Redline Synthetic for the initial break-in period. But from my I have heard and read, break-in with synthetic is a no-no because the rings will not seat properly. Is this still the case? Has anybody had a cylinder and/or piston with this type of ceramic coating?



Bump back to the top.... I can't beleive nobody has tried this type of coat before... I must be the guinea pig on this... I hope not.



i had my 250F done by USChrome with their NiCom. i stupidly used Amsoil 100% synthetic on break in and the rings never seated. i mean to the point it was smoking as bad as a poorly jetted 2stroke. i was doing the James Bond thing and leaving a smoke trail of oil all over the place. in one harescramble, i burnt up 0.7L of the 1.7L that my bike holds in a mere 40 miles. i've rebuilt it since.

curt, i'm not going to tell you what to do, but only tell you what i did and how badly it turned out. on the rebuild, i went with castrol gtx 20w50 (red cap, non-ec) and so far it seems to be doing fine.

FWIW, everything I've read on break-in specifically states do not use synth for the break-in period because the rings will not seat properly. Synth is too slippery and does not allow the parts to wear against each other and 'settle in'.

Thanks for your input. I too, know the pitfall's with using a synthetic oil on a break-in period, but it's this damn ceramic cylinder coating. The company insists that using Redline synthetic is the only thing they recommend for break-in.... period.... But my gut says "H@ll no!!!!" I'm not sure I can take the risk... And have to redo the top-end again for a third time... :)



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