02 WR 426 Jetting....Calling all Guru's

The bike is going in for a YZ timing adjustment and a BK mod, what else is there to do ??? I want to make sure I let my mechanic know. I did a search and its a BIG topic and I just need some quick last minute advice from the jetting Guru's. Thanks in advance

Big gun Race, no air lid, going to YZ timing and BK mod

YZ jetting (99% of that is just the needle change).

Do a search on YZ jetting on the WR side. Or search for "ELN" which is another popular needle code, a bit richer than a YZ needle off the pilot.

I have changed three WRs over to YZ needles (more or less) and IMO it is the best twelve bucks you could possibly hope to spend on your bike (other than a YZ throttle stop).

BTW, post your altitude/climate and you should get some more specific advice.

Well, Port Huron MI sounds like sea level/very cold. I would WAG that a 45 pilot, 170 main, 100 Pilot Air Jet (YZ part), ELN # 4 is a good starting point.

That is a WAG because I'm at 4k ft +, so hopefully someone who rides at sea level will come by and help out.

Hope this helps.

I just ordered 3 Jet Needles to try out on my WR450. I did not know they cost that much! FPRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT=" I guess I will test them and let everyone know what happens before they have to buy this stuff. If it quits raining and snowing here I might have a chance to try them. Will let you know. Currently running 160/48 thanks to UT-vols. Who else would I trust. What do you think Taffy? I am going to try these jet needles:OBELN-5NL-14916-EN

5NL-14916-EN-00 (#OBELN) for YZ250F 2003

5TJ-14916-D1 #DUQ From my manul for richer jet.

5TA-14916-JN-00 (#NDJN) for (YZ-450F) 2003

Cool I'm a TT Bronze Member now What prize do I get ? :)

I'm going for EGO status? :)

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