If I go to 52 tooth rear will I need new chain?

Hi everyone,

I am thinking of changing my stock gearing 14/50 to 14/52 and was wondering if you think I will need to buy a new chain too? I know I could go down in the front but hear it is harder on the chain. I think I have enough slack in my chain that if I moved rear forward more it would work but thought I would ask the professionals.



It can be done. But everyone says to change the chain and sprockets all at the same time to avoid excess wear on any one part, usually the newer one.

It's allwats recc'd to replace the chain & sproket together since they wear together, for the 52 tooth yes you need a chain, or it will bury the tire against the front of your swingarm. This would prevent the use of a paddle tire or any hwy speeds.

I run a few different gearing combinations on the stock chain length and really like the 14/52 because it allows me to run the rear wheel forward which aids turning considerably. Try it and you'll like it.

Thanks SFO ! That was the advice I was looking for. My stock chain is in great shape still ! No need to change it yet.


i had to go to a 116 link for this. Hope this helps


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