North American Motorcycle Brokers..Up and Up?

Got a buddy who is trying to buy a 2002 KTM EXC from Zach, but my buddy is starting to get cold feet. My buddy has all of his paperwork in order, financing is in place, but he cannot seem to work out an arrangment for delivery. We live a couple hundred miles from Vancouver, B.C., so we were planning on driving up and getting direct delivery from the man, but we can't nail down a meeting day, time or anything. Usually, when you tell a salesman that you have some money for them, they are all over getting the deal done, and we seem to be having a little difficulty.

Others have bought through and had good luck, right?

Somebody give me a bone so I can chill my buddy out.


You might want to ask this on the CRF side, he has sold quite a few red bikes to Thumpertalkers.

It could be that he is just very busy. I left him two voice mails earlier in the year and never heard back from him.


When I was looking last spring Zach was most helpful and I felt comfortable dealing with them. BUT, as you know I bought a different brand from a dealer in Spokane, IMHO there was no issue with this company. My two cents.

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