How to make a front brake less agressive?

DOT 5 is silicone based while the others (DOT 3, 4, and 5.1) are glycol based. DO NOT MIX DOT 5 brake fluid with others. It is meant to be used all by itself in certain conditions. If mixed it creates a nasty mix with solids that are not meant to be in a braking system.


my post above was aimed at the guy who started the thread. I Blipped all the time on the tarmac, now it's this really annoying instinct in the dirt (because i dont think my front brakes are too agressive). But I have found that Blipping in the dirt pretty much eliminates excessive plowing on corner entry, because you have all the brake feel at your fingertips instead of fingers and your memory of how your engine brakes at certain RPM's. But who knows, ive been finding that you can get away with murder (in terms of traction) when sliding these dirtbikes around.

You sure your problem isnt excessive weight transfer to the front? that can sometimes feel like your brakes are overpowered.

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