new 450 WR

Hello from Mississippi, I'm new to the group and pretty well computer illiterate so if I hose this forgive me. I've been lurking here while my 450 was on order and got a lot of good info. I picked up my bike last friday morning and went stright to my shop and proceded to remove intake and exhaust baffles, check rotor nut at 47 ft.lbs. pull the gray wire, and put in 50 pilot and 160 main,all other carb settings are as set at the factory, and trim 11 mm off the stop. I am very impressed with the bikes power and handling. so far no problems with cold or hot starting. It dos'nt miss ,cough,spit or sputter and idles just fine. I found a lot of discussion here about hard starting when cold. Somewhere in the manual there is a chart that gives directions for starting under various conditions. It states that if the temp is below 40 to operate the throtle 3 or 4 times and start with choke open. This has worked well for me so far.

Right, page number 1-17.

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