Anyone tried a SpeedCell Technologies 11.9 oz battery?

I first saw one at my local Ducati speed shop. The technology is really amazing and came from the defense industry I believe. I am not sure what a WR450F stock battery weighs, but these things are _really_ light. They are still quite expensive, but if it knocks off 5 lbs, I would definitely consider one. The one that I held was for a Ducati Superbike and would be an instant 7 lb savings over the stock battery. They have tons of cranking power, and are easier to maintain than a standard battery. No trickle charger needed, and they top off quickly.

Here's one for a 750 anc lower application.

that looks very interesting....

I have one from e-batt that looks similar to that. Been using it around 8 problems, works great.

$129 is quite a bit, might have to wait a while to do something like that.

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