Failed Woodruff Key Owners only, post here

Yamaha will listen only when we can provide numbers that back up the claim of a problem with numerous Woodruff Key failures. Experience with these situations shows we must have details.. <ul type="square"> I am asking everyone who had a woodruff key failure to post here, with the last 4 numbers of your serial number. We can then roll this up with letter to Yamaha....

To keep this post from getting too big, please only post if you have had a failure ... Also post ambient temperature, jetting settings and situation that caused failure...

Failed woodruff key roughly around Jan. 15. Last four numbers of vin are 1206, The temp. is always around 50, The bike was on its second ride, and still way to lean.(berfore I knew better!)My current jetting is as follows:155mj,48 pilot, and the clip moved down one position, the fuel screw is out about 1 3/4. I am still trying to get rid of the 0 to 1/4 throttle bobble it still has?Anyone have any tips? The bike failed when it back fired with the elec. start from being to lean.

thanks Dukeboy, were you giving it throttle when it backfired at start-up?

yes, I believe that I was.

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