Any good for road use?

I've just clicked over 10,000km on my 07 WR450F that I ride to work everyday then swap wheels for the weekend bush blast. Oil gets changed every 1000km as per manual and I haven't opened the valve cover yet as it starts fine runs hard. I bought a stainless oil filter and wash it every service. I read people change oil every 100 mile but I don't see the point the oil will still be new! I think it should see 20,000km before I open it up :lol:

UK WR's are all road legal as standard. I have used mine for everything from MX to riding to work.

All you would need to make it suitable for daily use it put a key on the ignition which is easy and get a decent lock to keep it safe when you park it.

I have heard this and bought the parts but didnt hget the chance to install them

The clutch basket from the Yamaha quad has damper springs in the back of it.That basket fits the WR motor as long as you use the primary gear also.I can see the big wheels on a quad really working the little gears in the transmission.Those baskets are cheap on ebay and would be a good alternative to a cush hub

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