are two stroke 250 radiators the same as WR426f or YZ426f

I CURRENTLY HAVE A YZ400F which is prone to over heating, so im looking for bigger capacity radiators (426f)

id be prepared to make brackets etc, also has anyone tried fiting a small oil cooler into the cooling circuit?

Nope. Even the YZ and WR have different radiators. The WR actually has a slightly larger radiator. Also, the rad shroud mounting holes are at a different angle.

I am curious what kind of riding you do where you keep overheating??? Maybe something else wrong, such as lean jetting?? My '00WR400 has overheated only once. That was after a one mile hill in deep sand, nearly full throttle, almost no forward speed at about 100 degrees ambient temp. I noticed boiling after cresting the top and shut it down 'til it cooled. Nothing else has been able to overheat the beast.


i have 2001 yz250f radiators on my 98 wr400f.i had to modify plate on outside edge of radiators to fit devol guards but thats about it.

Dan the earlier 400 radiators are diferent (wr are bigger then the yzf)

the type of riding i do varies, although a lot of it is first gear stuff hoping over bogs, steep drops etc, real euro enduro sort of stuff.

i suspect i am running a bit lean, maybe i should up it a little on the pilot jet


If you do find you need more capacity, the oil cooler may be a good solution if you can work in into the circuit.

I have heard the CRF has some issues with overheating, so some of the guys who repair radiators will also extend the tanks. This does not add more cooling area, but it does extend the capacity so the coolant temp changes are not so abrupt. Seems to help the CRF. Good luck.


Are your 250F radiators larger?


Another option might be to add a cooling fan like the KLX 650's have. It could be controled by a temp switch mounted on the leaving water hose or a bar mounted switch that could be activated in extreme conditions. :)

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