GPR has new stabilizer in prototype

GPR all the way. We use one on our Class 40 Baja racer (WR 426 with all the goodies). We have over 2000 hard race miles, with no problems.

GPR is a great company with great helpful folks. The product is made in the US, which for me is a plus.

I could have got a Scott's free from the manufacture (Ohlins), but instead we paid for a GPR.

I finally got a couple of pics of the GPR below the bars damper. 10f029b0.jpg


So... do you have a gpr now, or are you still using the scotts? :)

I still ahve the Scotts that was on my bike when I bought it. I would like taller bars, but GPR does not make one of these dampers for the Scotts 5mm offset triple clamps I have on my bike. I have taken the Scotts off and tried a GPR and can not tell any difference. If I was in the market now i would have a tough time deciding. GPR has excellent service and a great product, but Scotts is a major supporter pf TT with the banner ads.

I have a GPR and love it. It damps both ways and I thnk that is a good thing. When you hit roots and such its :D :D :D intsead of :D :D :):D

:D :D

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