Well for $60 and some labor you can get an inch and you’ll be happy to know that it will be softer also.

Let me explain. I pulled apart my WR450 seat, and carefully removed the foam from the base. I was surprised to see two different high density foam inserts that were lightly glued into a molded pocket in the bottom of the seat foam. When the seat foam and pan came together the pads nestled into the pockets of both pieces locking the pads in place. Together they were ¾ inch thick. I had ordered a ¾ of an inch raw gel slab which I cut to the shape of the pads. The gel was slightly short so I cut the original pads to fit the void where there wasn’t any gel.

This gave me a seat at stock height but a softer feel. The other thing I wanted to do was lower the seat because I have very short legs. I outlined a curve starting about 1/4 the way from the seat front with the curve dropping more and more through the seating area and then back up to mate with the seat height at the back of the seat ¼ of the way before it ended. I used an electric knife like used for meat carving. I was surprised how well it cut. I cut away sides of the area I had cut to get a bevel on the edge of the seat. The cutting wasn’t perfect so I took a belt sander with very coarse paper and blended the horizontal surfaces and radiused the seat edges. It blended well. I stretched the vinyl and stapled it with an electric staple gun. My goal was a ¾ of an inch or more. I fell short to a 5/8 inch reduction but that was my fault. I feel an inch can be removed but no more. I put it on the bike and it did help foot placement and it is softer than the original.


Gel and foam filler in place.

Seat shaved and sanded.

Before and after comparison.

Great post, Jim! I take it the $35 was for the gel slab? Can you share your source for that with us? I just got done recovering a used YZ seat to go with my future Clarke tank, but I would be willing to tear it off and do it again for the benefits you describe.

Excellent, I too am optimal height with a 30" inseam.

My WR450 is being lowered 1.5 inches front and rear, really hate to give up some of the excellent suspension. Where did you get the gel material?

WR450, electrex Dakar kit, tagged(Texas) Dunlop 606's, getting lowered!


if i get an extra inch, i don't want it softer.....oh ...we were talkin about seats..... :)

First I need to correct the cost, the gel was $55 plus shipping.

I got it from American Motorcycle Spcl 2944 Salomon River Circle Thousand Oaks CA 91362 Tel 1 800 710 7237

The gel was 7 X 11 inches with a thin foam on each side. I removed both foam sheet so the gel was only 3/4 inch thick. I think you can get the gel without the foam, that saves you a step. I don't know if your seat has the insert like mine did, but I think it does. If it didn't you'd have to cut a pocket in the bottom of the seats foam. This would be more work but there probably is a way it could be done. BTW This stuff feels very icky but it doesn't leave any residue on your hands or what it touches. It wont freeze or melt or flow into a new shape. Very weird stuff.


Who is doing your lowering, and what are they doing to it?

one and a half inches sounds about right for me too.

MAD Racing in LA did it. You can reach "Hootie" at 760 806-1948 in LA area. Great guy! I'm picking the bike up Friday and will report how it rides this weekend. Devol and others will also do it. It is reversable except the fork springs got shortened.

Boy I got excited when I saw this site and clicked on it immeditly, cause I could sure use another inch. But then I saw it was about your seat height. Oh well, got to go with what you got.

Rode my bike with the shortened front and rear suspension this week end. This will need some tunning. The front seems fine but the back is harsh. The stock bike worked well for me in the red Texas dirt. But out here in the desert it's rocks, sand and more rocks. So part of the issue is different riding conditions.

Best part for me is I had no stupid falls like I took with the stock height. I not changing back!

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