New WR450 Magic Button Starting Problem

I just got together my new Canadian 03' WR450 last night. I went to start it with the new magic button and all it would do is just keep turning over. It didn't seem to want to spark and fire up. So, I tried the kickstarter. I fired right up with ease. So I tried the electric start again. Still won't start. I checked the battery voltage and had 12.7 volts. Not bad. It doesn't have a problem turning over, but I am extremely perplexed that it started up fine with the kickstarter but not the electric start.

And ideas would be extremely appreciated.

FYI. Other than that this bike is way cool.

Thanks Damon

I just found another post where someone else was saying that you had to open the throttle about 1/8 turn when doing a cold electric start. I will try that when I get home and let everyone know.

I guess I should have done a search first. Thanks for an informative site. Damon

I had the same problem, but after a few miles (30 or so) it is starting pretty near fine.

Go with the throttle about 1/8 open when using the e-button. This works for me.

Yep, a little throttle works for me when she's warm. For cold starts I pull the choke, then give her three blips of the throttle and hit the button.(thanks Lee) :)

I have never touched the throttle and mine always starts on the second, 3-second burst I give it. Always use the choke on cold start...have patience... if it doesn't start on the 2nd burst, wait 10 seconds before trying again... BTW, I am running pump gas, CONOCO 93 Octane. :)

Hears my take on the starting thing. I don't think that the starter turns the engine fast enough to fire first time every time. That is why the kick starter works better, you turn the engine over faster when you kick it. I have read where people have put a trickle charge on the battery and it starts easier, The engine turns over faster with more voltage, and starts easier.

Also the starter takes a lot of voltage to turn over the engine, robbing some of the voltage needed for the ignition system making it harder to start. When you kick it, all the voltage is being directed to the ignition system and not the starting system, so it starts easier.

I had my sub frame off last night changing the rear spring out, and the dang thing weighs a ton. If you removed the battery and just kicked it all the time, you could save a lot of weight. I don't know how the charging system would react with an open circuit though. It probably would be bad for it.

The bike starts way to easy with the kicker, kind of like a 125 2smoker. When starting it with the over-40 button just give it a couple twists of the throttle and crank it over.


When starting it with the over-40 button

Ya baby !! :D :D :)

I've gotta save my leg for beating with those young whipper snappers.

you have to get some miles on the bike before it will work well for anyone from what the service guy tells me. Just like what the guy said in this post about putting 30 mile s on the bike. Just hav etho get the newnes broke in. But my is is so nice to kick start. I love it.


My e-start wouldn't start the bike very well.untill I got about 50 miles on it.Now i just push the button and roll the throttle a tad and it fires right up.

I never use it when the bike is cold.I kick start it and use the e-start when i'm being lazy or in a tight spot.

Blue_One, thats the thing, you're not supposed to have to crack the throttle while starting. The manual says this is a no no. I do it on mine and it works, but you're not supposed to. Then again I do a lot of things I'm not supposed to. What ever works. I'm not complaining

I've noticed that if I restart my bike using the e-button (within one or two minutes of having been fully warmed up) I don't have to use any throttle. Hot start is sufficient and it fires right up. However, if it has been sitting for more than five minutes or if it's cold off the trailer, I have to crack the throttle about 1/8 to get it to fire.

I have to crack the throttle just about every time no matter what. I am going to switch over to a #72 starter jet and see if that helps. I doubt it though. I think the starter jet only works with the choke out.

I've been pondering over this thread for a while and I've come to the conclusion that his is one AWESOME problem to have.

Does it start on the first crank or the third, WHO CARES. Your not pulling levers, pushing buttons, going through some ridiculous drill, cussing, farting and spitting just to find it didn't work so you have to start all over again while you're balancing on your tippy toe on the side of a hill.

Push the button, crack the throttle and go. What a concept.

:):D :D :D

the "over 40 button" is what helped me convince my wife i needed a new bike. hehehehehehehe. :)

I'm with you xr600r. The "CFO" (wife) gave me the go ahead based on the "over-40 button".

Nice to see we are members of the same club. :)

I got my over 40 button because the wife already had a bike with the button. There is no way I was going to let her get all the neat toys and leave me out :D

BTW she rides one of those new red things.. I think it is called a crf230. Not sure but all I know is it is red :)

I don't think that the starter turns the engine fast enough to fire first time every time. That is why the kick starter works better, you turn the engine over faster when you kick it. I have read where people have put a trickle charge on the battery and it starts easier, The engine turns over faster with more voltage, and starts easier.

David, I totally agree with you on this... The bike starts really easy, so much that the first time you start the bike in the morning you should kick it. After the bike is nice and warm 1/8 throttle and the button works great. The part when you stall in a technical section is all about the E-start especially when you're 5.8' like me. What do you think about having a battery half the size and only using it to restart the bike when warm? Hmmmmmm Might be able to save a couple of pounds and get more air into the airbox...

I know what you're saying about the weight of the whole system. The battery alone weighs 4 pounds. I'll bet someone will sell a kit with block off plates for the starter and instructions to pull the e-start off the bike, I'll bet you could take 10 pounds off the bike. For me the button is too much fun :).


Dan, you're right about the starter being way to darn convienant to be eliminated. The bike to me feels so light with it that I don't need to save weight. I'm 6'-3" 220 pounds, if I wanted to save weight I'd go on a diet.

The bike feels and handles way lighter than it really is. I'm leaving mine just the way it is.

Has any body else taken a close look at the battery. It says right on the top "made especially for WR450". I bet that baby will be expensive when it goes bad. I hope a cheaper alternate will fit in the same location. Knowing Yamaha they made the battery an odd size so that you have to buy their model. I hope not.

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