Anyone Run Rg3?

do you know how much they charge for re-valve or the diamond kit? how do you like it? thanks

Prices are on their website.

Personally, I'd go with Smart Performance. Wait, I did.

Prices are on their website.

you would be right... :lol: i missed the link the first time. thinkin about it..

What does Dave's work usually run?

Call him and talk to him about what you want to do. He's not only surprisingly competitive, he's very good with KYB's in particular.

Tell him I sent you. (you won't get a discount, but I will. :lol: )

i would go with mb1 over rg3.. just from personal experiance. chris does some excelent work over at mb1..

sorry for jacking, but would you(grayracer) go with smart preformance over enzo?

for revalve and spring?

I would, yes.

I would, yes.

i called there today and didnt get an answer. left a message, but didn't hear anything back. guess i'll try again tomorrow. what would i be lookin at for revalve and springs? how long would everything take?

I don't work there. I just use his stuff. He'll get back to you.

I don't work there.

well i figured that, but i also figured since you had work done you would know what it cost. he did get back to me and I sent everything out to him today. thanks :lol:

I run RG3 .. Paul Bruno from RG3 New Jersey is the man!

Rg3 New Jersey

6 Deforest Ave

East Hanover, NJ 07936 Map

(973) 884-2200

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