Crack noise when excelerating WR426

Hi all. Today while riding my 2002 WR426 I heard a loud crack noise coming from what I thought was the engine. I was excelerating with a bit of gusto when this happened,I did not loose any power and the crack was for a split second. The noise was actually pointed out to me by someone who was taking the bike for a testride. Any ideas what this might have been? It is not the sort of thing I need when trying to sell.


Maybe its running a bit lean? Backfiring under power is a sign of leanness.Wind out the mixture screw a 1/2 turn to start with.

Yeah may be. There is no crack when I excelerate with even throttle just when I fang it. might be the chain?

The Chain does make a lot of noise and often sounds like engine pinging. for the most part I don't hear it under hard acceleration . Mostly i hear it under constant or light acceleration.

There are several things you could check internally if you are so inclined. like the nut on the balance shaft gear. or the flywheel.

You could also try and duplicate the noise.

I did manage to make the noise my self by doing a quick exceleration at about 70 km. When smooth excererating there is no noise no loss of power etc....strange....I will try it again on the way home this morning

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