Dual Sport Kit Palooza

Back in the day, Baja Designs was the only game in town. Obviously, that situation has changed. I've got a new 2008 WR450F and have set aside $450 for a dual sport kit. Some of my considerations in choosing a kit:

1) Reliability (Needs to be able to take a beating)

2) Appearance (I like to use the stock 08 headlight if possible and those tiny LED signals are sexy)

3) Design and Functionality (I like the single switch solution)

4) Ease of install/removal

5) I'd rather not modify my stator if possible

I don't plan on racing at night. Just need enough to get to the store and not get a ticket. GA requires turn signals. I do mostly of dual sport, with the occasional single track and some laps on an MX track. Will also most likely buy a sumo kit.

I've searched and read all of the dual sport threads, but thought that this might be a good discussion of each kit, along with it's strengths and weaknesses.

Baja Designs available from TT - Wonder why it needs the stator mod?

SicAss Racing - Single integrated switch. Uses stock headlight. Small LED signals as an option. Would love to see a picture of one installed.

Trick Dualsport - Lots of cool technology with a 12 volt outlet (for GPS). Does this kit support rear turn signals? No mention of that on their web site. No 07 - 09 photos.

Ebay - motardrider and Ryco seem model specific. They uses the stock headlight/tail light, and has LEDs.

DYI - Highway Dirt Bikes has some very cool gear, but would require some wiring work on the stock harness.

Doctor Enduro - Looks comprehensive, but generic. In other words it doesn't look model specific, unless you have a KTM.

Procycle.us - Like the Doctor Enduro kit a generic one size fits all. Should work better on the pre 07 WR.

What say you owners of these kits as compared with what you see in the others? Did I miss any worthy of consideration? Please reply with model year of your WR and thanks in advance.

The BD kit does not have to be bought as a complete kit. You can get the sections you want. Modifying the stator is no biggie and having all lighting being DC means steady, consistant output. You can still use your OEM light if you (or BD) gets the correct connector. I have this setup on my WR. I wired it up (with BD help) to be able to use the BD fully DOT legal headlight, my stock, OEM headlight or a BD 8" racelight. All quick change, takes less than a mnute to swap. A plus regarding running all DC is, you can even run just a number plate and not have to worry about keeping a load on the AC side of the stator.

Never seen a install of SicAss, so not comment.

The Trick setup is nice but... you have to use thier light as all the wiring is on a circuit board. I think it also has clearance issues with the stock mounted speedo.. I like the fact they use breakers though I have never blown a fuse either so the value is questionable. I do worry about a crash damaging the circuit board. It is great they include a power outlet for a GPS or whatever, though BD can include one if you ask. Not having ever dealt with them, I do not personally know the quality of the customer service but I have heard it is excellent.

Don't waste your hard earned money on a BD kit. Buy a Trick Dualsport kit and be done with it. Dale uses quality switches and hardware. Yes you can use the stock headlight, yes it will support rear turn signals and tail light. The only drawback is it is NOT self mounting but damn near. I 've had mine since Feb. of 03 and have had NO problems. Like a Timex, "takes a licking and keeps on ticking". If I had it to do again I'd buy another "Trick" kit.:lol:


I bought 2 kits off procycle-us and they are both great. total was about $600 for BOTH bikes.

For about 150 bucks, you can build your own dual sport kit :lol:

Love my ebay motardrider ds kit. No issues in a years worth of riding.

I have used Procycle also, doesn't look as trick as others, but very functional with reasonable pricing.

THANKS for the response guys! I've updated the list with Dr. Enduro, ProCycle, and Ryco kits. Please state model year when replying.


05 wr 450

very simple uses 8AA batteries self contained must rewire headlight

next to no problems when wired to battery no rear brake switch(my kit anyway) + lots of led options

I really like my Trick dualsport kit but am not a fan of the Oregon lights offered.

My procycle kit (07wr450) saved me a lot of $$ over the BD kit, maybe over other kits too. It was very easy to wire up. Any eletrical work normaly scares the crap out of me! PC's customer service over the phone is great if you were to have a question. I had none for this job, the diagram was easy to follow, even for me.

The PC kit allowed me to do easy custom options after I decided to change from the standard set up. I like the option to black out the bike with a flip of a switch. I also like the idea of using the stock headlight. It saves more cash and looks great. If your not happy with the stock headlight, it can be mod'ed even up to an HID bulb. I also ordered the key ignition lock. I have a great place for it. Ask and I'll post a pic.

Over a year ago the bike took a very hard fall from the top of a huge hill. I ended up smashing the multi-light switch. Everything else in the light kit was still good. In about (3) days I had a new switch from PC. Yes, I had to pay for my abuse but is was way cheaper than a BD switch. It was a ten minute plug in and mount job and I was back on the road.

One hick-up with the PC kit (might be the same with the others) is that you have to do a very minor re-adjustment to the hot start lever mount. That took me about (4) minutes and it's just about in the same place.

I have many very hard offroad miles and no issues with the PC kit. They have been a great company for me and many others, keep it an option! S/T.

Great stuff snaggletooth. Please post pics of your setup. I'd like to see how the PC kit handles the 07 and later tail light/license plate as well as the ignition switch.

I have many very hard offroad miles and no issues with the PC kit. They have been a great company for me and many others, keep it an option! S/T.
Any stator mods? Battery issues? Did you run the kit straight from the battery?

Pictures please of the procycle kit and key switch. Thanks

Pictures please of the procycle kit and key switch. Thanks

+1 please post pics

I went with the Sicass Racing Kit. I have not had a chance to install the kit yet on my 08 WR 450 but will be doing so when I get back from New Zealand in April after a month of touring around on a 990 KTM Adventure.

The main thiing about the Sicass Kit that sold me was the play and play nature of the kit that uses factory style connectors.

I am using a trcik DS kit and had an issue with it casued by the previoous owner. Made a phone call, Dale basically talked me through how to fix the issue. All done. Works great now...

The only thing I have to figure out now is how to wire in a key switch. The BD switch, seems to be on when off and off when on...maybe defective or is that the way it is. Ill put it on a different thread.

I just installed a Ryco kit on my 2009 wr 450 and it went well. It was pretty simple. The hardest part was finding a path to run the wires from the back to the front. I'm in Michigan so I needed to add a liscence plate light as well since the Ryco kit does not come with one. I make the light I just took a dremel and cut a small square out of the black protective covering on the rear tailight and it worked great.

I'm running an 07 WR250 and an 05 WR450, both are plated and running here in Michigan, we aren't required to have the turn signals. I have dealt with SAR a number of times and find their quality to be very good. Just ordered a pair of their ignition switches as an added level of security, as anybody with an index finger could turn on the WR's, just looked at their catalog and they could fix you up. Not sure what it would cost, should be pretty easy to fab a rear mount for the turn signals, front as well, but they have some pretty nifty handguards with the LED singals incorportated.

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